(PHOTOS) A Glimpse Into Ludacris & Euxodie ‘Secret Garden’ Baby Shower…

Of course Euxodie is glowing!

Euxodie Baby Shower_5

Furious 7/Rapper Ludacris’ wife Eudoxie put together a ‘Secret Garden’ themed baby shower where guest showed up dressed according to the theme’s attire.

From the looks of things, it seems as though guest had a lot of fun as well. Eudoxie even had a doughnut tree according to Latoya Luckett. That must be a pregnant woman’s dream come true.  We’re not sure but maybe that’s a cultural thing?

Euxodie Baby Shower_4Guest like, her favorite gal pals, R&B singers Monica and Latoya Luckett were spotted in bright floral attire.  Other celebrity friends who showed up were Laura Govan and Moyetta Shaw.

Euxodie Baby Shower_1

Euxodie Baby Shower_3

Ludacris’ oldest daughter Karma Bridges also participated in the ‘Secret Garden’ baby shower. She was pictured next to her stepmom Eudoxie around a slew of brightly lite candles.

Euxodie Baby Shower_9
Eudoxie herself wore a long white gown with a white flower headpiece to match.

Euxodie Baby Shower_8
Ludacris even showed up to participate in the ‘Secret Garden’ fun. That was very support of him being that most guys don’t like to partake in the baby shower.

Euxodie Baby Shower_7
Secret Garden makes you think of something beautiful, sacred and innocent and not over the top; we guess it was a good choice Eudoxie! It was beautiful…

Euxodie Baby Shower_2

Euxodie Baby Shower_6


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