AWWEE! Beyonce’ ‘Die With You’ Video Celebrates Her Wedding Anniversary


Awwwweee!! It’s soo sweet to see two people in love and don’t mind letting the world know it. This is a different Beyonce’ though; seen sitting and playing a love song on the piano.  Could this be the start of something new for the pop superstar?! Love will make you do some different ish!

Beyonce'_ Die With You

In celebration of Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s seventh wedding anniversary, the mogul couple decided to shoot what looks like a home video of Beyonce’ singing ‘Die With You’ while she plays the piano. We’re assuming hubby, Jay Z, shot the video for his wifey being that he turns the camera and shows his face at the end of the video.  It’s being reported that the song will appear on Jay Z’s new ‘streaming music’ venture ‘Tidal’.

That song is pretty deep though don’t you think?!

Beyonce'_Die With You_4


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