Beyonce’ Gives Out $37,500 to Walmart Customers + Album Still Holds the Number 1 Spot…Projected to Sell Another 260K



Take that Target! It was reported over the weekend that Beyoncé made a surprise visit to a Walmart in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and offered to pay the first $50 of every customer’s Christmas purchase via a gift card.  According to, 750 gift cards totaling $37,500 were handed out.

Was Beyoncé feeling generous or was it get back at Target for going all you’re not selling that iTunes hand-me-down in our store?  Answer: Duh!  Target, this is what happens when you don’t sell Beyonce’s cds in your store.  She makes planned, surprise visits to your competition to let her fans know, this is where my CD is and this is where you should shop.  That’s end of the year marketing money well spent; Walmart marketing team…Eerrr. Great charitable gesture, Bey!  Regardless, one woman’s payback, is another person’s $50 Walmart gift card.


In other Beyonce’ News Crave:

Yonce’ is still holding tight to that number one spot with her self-titled album ‘Beyoncé.  And it’s reported that the pop singer will possibly carry the number one spot going into 3 consecutive weeks. We won’t get official album sells numbers until maybe Friday of this week though.


The album took the number one spot its first week of sells; according to Billboard 200 selling over 617k copies easily.  Now it’s being reported that the album could sell another 260K-280K copies which would put it number one for 3 straight weeks.  Either way, if it doesn’t sell another copy,  the album has done well making it the best-selling album of the year with only eight days left in the year.


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