Big Sean & Naya Rivera Show Off Christmas Card Photo…Plus Joe Budden Pops Off on His Fans “Tahiry and I are Over”



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Holiday cheer is in the air! This is the time of year that most people glam up for little cute Christmas photos of themselves to send family and friends.  Naya Rivera and rapper Big Sean got together recently for their Christmas card photo shoot. On yesterday, Naya twitted the photo for the world to see with the caption “Merry Christmas.”

The two got engaged back in October of this year.  No word on a wedding date as of yet.  The bride-to-be tells People that Sean is very much involved in the planning though. She says,  “He’s so involved. We definitely bounce things off of each other and we’re always on the same page about everything, which is probably why we’re getting married.”

Below Naya sending Christmas Cheers via Instagram!!

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In other not so couple news, Joe Budden (LHHNY), pops off on his fans last night via Instagram.  It started with an open note to his fans regarding his ex relationship with LHHNY star Tahiry Jose.

Joe Budden_1

From the looks of things there is no chance of reviving the relationship. It seems that anytime Joey mentions anything on Social Media his fans brings up getting back with Tahiry. Well I guess last night was the last straw.  The rapper had a message for his fans that just can’t let it go:

“Trying it this way b4 I just start blocking ppl who seem to be obsessed. Tahiry has an IG account, feel free to speak to or about her there, not here. I’ve moved on, some of u should too.”

Check out the open note that preceded the pop off below:

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