[Candid Photos] A Makeup-less Nicki Minaj Celebrates 10 yr. Anniversary in Cabo with Rumored Husband…

Nicki Minaj_Cabo_8

Nicki Minaj has been snapping some very rare photos of herself just being plain Onika Miraj (the girl from around the way) lately.  And just when you thought she was done after the infamous shower pics, she surprises again on vacation in Cabo.

Nicki Minaj_Cabo_3

It’s rumored that the Barbie was celebrating a 10 yr. Anniversary with her boo/husband Safaree a.k.a. Scaff Beezy. WHOA! Hold up wait a minute…HUSBAND?? Perhaps fiancé maybe??Nicki Minaj_Cabo_5

But any who…these are some candid photos of Nicki because hardly ever will you see the artist without her full Barbie get ups; the wigs, makeup and stage costumes.

Nicki Minaj_Cabo_6Nicki Minaj_Cabo_1

The rapper gives a little booby action before whisking off to Cabo to celebrate with her boo and friends.

Nicki Minaj_Cabo_7Nicki Minaj_Cabo_02

Seen in some of the Cabo pics are also matching ring bling on the couple’s ring finger.  Which makes some believe the two are already married.

Nicki Minaj_Cabo_01

Nonetheless, she looks as if she is having a ball away from all the glitz and glam!! Nicki Minaj_Cabo_9


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