OH BOY! Rapper Nelly Arrested in Tennesse for Drug Possession

Apr 12, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

Nelly…what about the kids on ‘Nellyville’? What will they think about this? Early Saturday morning rapper Nelly tour bus was pulled over in Tennessee on a traffic stop.  The bus was being pulled over because it wasn’t displaying it’s U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) Stickers.  Just an FYI, these stickers are required to run

OK! Rihanna Performs ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ at iHeart Music Awards [VIDEO]

Mar 30, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

You can never tell what pop star Rihanna will come out of the box with next.  Her trendy fashion sense along with her bold music choice will keep you guessing; and wondering like what is next!?! On Sunday, the R&B singer stepped out of a helicopter onto the iHeart Music Awards stage with a black ensemble with all green matching

Taraji P. Henson_apology_2

WELP! Taraji P. Henson Apologizes for Son’s Racial Profiling Claims

Mar 30, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

Welp…maybe not so fast! About a week ago social media exploded as ‘Empire’ star Taraji P. Henson claims her 20 yr. old son, Marcell Johnson, was racially profiled at The University of Southern California where he attended.   During an interview with Uptown Magazine, she claims her son was racially profiled and stopped for having his hands in his pockets.

Lauryn Hill_LibraryofCongress_3

Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miss Education of Lauryn Hill’ Inducted into the Library of Congress

Mar 27, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

  Lauryn Hill is being recognized again for her work on what can be considered as one of the best Hip-Hop (R&B/Reggae) album of her times, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’.  Until this day, multiple songs on that album still gets radio spins.  And people still enjoy listening to it.  It’s one that you keep in the album catalog for

Cissy Houston_Interview_1

VIDEO-Cissy Houston Breaks Silence on Bobbi Kristina’s Condition

Mar 25, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

All we can do at this point is pray and hope that Bobbi Kristina pulls through her unfortunate condition.  It’s been about a couple of months since the daughter of R&B singers the (late) Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found face down in a bath tub in her home.  There’s still no word of what really happened that day.

Kendrick Lamar_truck performance_1

WATCH- Kendrick Lamar Performs SURPRISE Concert on the Back of a Moving Truck

Mar 25, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

How about watching your favorite artist perform while you walk or jog down the road?! Sounds good right! That’s what happened on Monday as one of hip hop’s most influential artist, Kendrick Lamar, performed on the back of a moving flatbed truck for fans.  This is said to be all apart of his collaboration with Reebok. It has to be a

Suge Knight_collaspe_3

WATCH! Suge Knight Collaspes After Learning $25 Million Bail…

Mar 20, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

Wowww…looks like Producer Suge Knight legal woes are finally catching up to him.  Today must be his worst day ever!  The Death Row Records CEO learned today that he was hit by the judge with a $25 million bail. After learning his faith wearing glasses and looking exhausted, Suge collapses right there in the court room. According to reports, Suge

[WATCH] Tyrese Releases ‘Dumb Sh*t’ Video Feat. Snoop Dogg…

Mar 19, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

Tyrese…Black-Ty or whatever he calls himself these days is back with a new video feat. Snoop Dogg. It’s been about 2 yrs. since Tyrese’s last album ‘Black Rose’ was released independently. Now Tyrese is riding this independent thing out again with his label Viltron Recordz and releasing “Dumb Shit” on Vimeo. The video was also released under his independent film and

Robin Thicke & wife_split_1

IT’S OFFICIAL! Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Divorce is Done…

Mar 18, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

  We didn’t think she would go through with the divorce but boy were we wrong.  Well, maybe we were just hoping she wouldn’t. Actually, we really like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton together. Welp, there is no more wishing and hoping.  The divorce is almost FINAL…DONE… According to TMZ, Paula filed legal docs on Monday, specifying that the two have

Leolah Brown_3

WATCH!! Bobby Kristina’s Aunt Leolah Brown Pops Off on Nick Gordon!! Hear What She Calls Pat Houston…

Mar 16, 2015
JackieeOh! Staff

We are trying to put our finger on what it is that’s making Leolah Brown (Bobby Brown’s sister) speak out against Pat Houston so heavy.  Bobby Brown hasn’t said much of anything about this entire ordeal. Yet in this video, Leolah blames Nick Gordon and Pat Houston for Bobbi Kristina’s recent situation. According to her, Nick has some knowledge as

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