Chad ‘OchoCinco’ Johnson Released After 7 Days Of A 30 Days Jail Sentence…

Chad Johnson Released From Broward County Jail

Chad ‘OchoCinco’ Johnson was released from jail today.  His 30 days in jail stitch only lasted 7 days.   As you well remember Chad was sentenced to 30 days after slapping his attorney on the butt in court.  And basically the judge was like not in this courtroom and off to jail you go. You better believe Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh don’t play.  In the courtroom on Monday Chad apologized for being disrespectful and the judge accepted. Chad…we are rooting for you to get it together brah!

Chad Ochocinco Johnson_2

We have one question though:: Do you believe the sentence was too harsh in the first place?

Take  a look at this video of ESPN commentators weighing in on what they believe about the sentence:

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