Chris Brown (NEW VIDEO) Feat. Aaliyah //WATCH//

Chris Brown-Don't Think They Know_1

Chris Brown is sending out positive vibes with his New Video ‘Don’t Think They Know’.  The song features the Angelic voice of the late Aaliyah.  This video is so dope.  It displays a holographic image of Aaliyah singing and dancing in the background.  The kids are in the back enjoying, just digging the scene and the message that the video is sending out is even greater.  The video plays on the heels of his ‘Unity Campaign’.  A few days ago, Chris took to his twitter page to say that the new single is a part of his ‘UNITY CAMPAIGN’, which encourages all races, genders, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight to love each other.

Chris Brown Feat. Aaliyah_1

Chris Brown Feat. Aaliyah_5

Good for Chris Brown for being a part of something positive.  No negative spotlight this time around folks.  We love the song and the message that it sends out to the universe!

Video Below:


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