[PICS] Guess What Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Opened Up a Bistro Bar in Atlanta on NYE?!

Benzino_Stevie J_bar_1

They made their way on the Love &Hip Hop Atlanta scene and became a hit as the biggest womanizers of the show. Well one is more of a “sleaze” than the other and is known for his ‘get on my bus’ antics, but you get what we’re saying.  When they are not fighting over women, they are friends on and off of the reality show.  These two have literally became the bread and butter of LHHA.

Benzino_Stevie J_bar_4

Benzino aka ‘Zino’ and Stevie J. opened their ‘Sleazy & Zino Bistro Bar’ in Atlanta a few days ago on New Year’s Eve.  The bar is located on 182 Courtland Street in Atlanta. Looks to be for the mature hip hop crowd, we’re assuming.

Benzino_Stevie J_bar_3

Yesterday Benzino took to his Instragram page to  say:

” we’ve come a long way & God has a major plan for us! OPENING NIGHT #sleazyzinobistroandbar.”

Benzino_Stevie J_bar_6

I’m sure their fans are anxiously awaiting the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta too.  Who’s next to get on the bus?

Benzino_Stevie J_bar_7Benzino_Stevie J_bar_2


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