ICYMI – Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Drama Filled Super Trailer (VIDEO)

Whoa There!

Looking at this 6 min. super trailer for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta means only one thing; it just got real.  Just when you think it can’t get any more interesting, Mona-Scott Young & VH1 hits you with another one.

This was not your ordinary trailer for a reality tv show.  I must admit, in those small 6 mins., this super trailer gave you enough to make you want to pull up a chair and give it 30 min. of your time every week.

Stevie J is being hauled off to rehab and it’s all captured on film.  From the looks of things Joseline Hernandez will not be making a huge appearance this season because (supposedly) of some legal issues she had from the past season finale show where she tried to beat up literally EVERYBODY (rumored suspension for her).

And man, Nikko has brought his wife out to Atlanta to shake up things with MiMi Faust.  How about that’s going to be an very interesting plot; considering the fact that MiMi says she had no club Nikko was married towards the end of last season.

Young Joc is making his rounds around the field and still knocking up ladies left and right.  And of course Kurt is just up to his same old ways.  More crying for Rasheeda this season!

ISSUES! This is just the modern day Days of Our Lives of Hip Hop!  Enjoy the super trailer for now…

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