[VIDEO] Just in Time for Valentine’s Day Tyrese Gibson has a Message for all Single Ladies!!


Calling all single ladies…singer Tyrese has a message for you!!

It’s not everyday that you hear a male have any positive words for a single lady.  Of course most think that because a woman is single there must be something wrong with that woman.

Last year, Tyrese Gibson along with Rev. Run of Run DMC released their book Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed’.  So I guess you can say the singer has been rooting for the ladies for a while now.  So to have him give the ladies a good word of advice via his Facebook page on Sunday is not at all a surprise.

It will be Valentine’s Day in a few days and there will be a lot of single lonely ladies out there longing for a Valentines.  So with that being said Tyrese is sending out a message to all of you single ladies for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a small except of what Tyrese had to say:

“Wear your single with a  sense of proud because you love yourself and you respect yourself enough to not give it away to everybody who wants it.  If you love yourself so much stop giving away yourself so easily.  And I’m not judging women that are promiscuous…I’m not judging women that live their lives and have sex and do whatever they are doing.  I want you to continue doing what makes you happy.”

Check out the entire video below:


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