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LEAKED AUDIO! Ray J Talks Bad About His Relationship with Whitney Houston?


Ray J_Whitney_1Ray J we are going to need you to have several seats.

Is this so not cool or what? Is it not crazy that a old audio has been leaked of Ray J talking about his and the late Whitney Houston’s so called relationship?

Even though the audio is old , how do you begin to just play with a person’s heart for fame and be happy with yourself? The 3 minute audio was very disturbing to hear to say the least.

In the audio, Ray J basically says he was not happy with dating Whitney and to act like he cared would mean he would have to like her.  Ray goes on to describe his relationship with Whitney and how he could basically control her (if he wanted to). Saying he could have helped her beat her addiction if he wanted to; but he would have to like her.

Talking about a huge blow to the face for many big Whitney Houston fans and possibly for Ray J too since the audio has surfaced. ┬áThe question now is what is the motive. Why is this audio being leaked now? Is it another ploy to help build Ray J’s career? Has he fallen off again; because you know he has had a hit and miss type of career.

What do you all think about the audio??

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