LET US PRAY! Bobby Brown Hints That Bobbi Kristina is Awake?! (VIDEO)


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It’s been a long journey for Bobbi Kristina and I’m sure it’s been an even longer journey for her family; sitting around not knowing what tomorrow holds.

Last week rumors were floating around that 46 yr. old Bobby Brown was being forced to fulfill a obligation (concert) that he had previously cancelled after daughter Krissy was admitted into the hospital.

Since being found in a bathtub submerged under water, Bobbi Kristina has been fighting for her life at a rehabilitation center.  The 22 yr. old was placed in a medically induced coma when first admitted into the hospital.  Up until now there had been no changes in her condition.

In a 15 second clip circulating the web of Bobby Brown at a Frankie Beverly concert (where he was a special guest) over the weekend, social media is speculating that Krissy is awake and doing better.

Though we hope that it is true, after watching the clip we still are not clear if she is awake.  But in the clip, Bobby Brown can be heard saying “My baby is awake, she’s watching me.” Not sure what that means.  It has left a question mark in everyone’s mind though.

Let’s just hope that it is true and continue to pray for Krissy!

Check out the footage below:

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