Mo Money Mo Problems:: Mary J. Blige Hit With A Lawsuit

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Mary J. Blige can’t seem to catch a break here lately with her money problems.  Last year the IRS filed a 3.4 million dollar tax lien against the artist for not paying her outstanding taxes. Following that, she was hit with another lawsuit by a bank alleging that she defaulted on a 2.2 million dollar loan.

Now Vision Entertainment Worldwide, a promotion company, is saying that Mary skipped out on them at the last minute to go perform with the Rolling Stones.  The Rolling Stones concert was on December 8 of last year. The concert scheduled with the promotion company was set for December 9.  Allegedly, the deposit of $145K had already been given to the artist as good faith to show up but she was a no show.

Goodness, that’s a lot of money Mary!  We hope that Mary didn’t take the money and run though.  Mary if you want to do a tour soon to get those finances back in order we are behind you honey.  Seriously though, we hope everything works out for our girl Mary J. Blige.

On a positive Note Let’s Check Out A Throwback Video of the Queen of Hip-Hop:

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