Mother Leaves 8 Year-Old Home Alone While She Goes to SC for Memorial Day Weekend

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Another case of the crazies!

Apparently a Suffolk, Virginia mother decides to leave her son home alone while she goes to South Carolina for the holiday weekend.  Only God knows what she was thinking or what her motives were.  Kionna Moret, 27 yrs. old, is now facing child neglect and child endangerment charges.

Virginia’s WBTW News 13 reported that a woman who wished to remain anonymous stated that the child came outside on Saturday to play with her kid.  While playing with her son, the 8 yr. old child told her son that his mother had left him home alone while she had gone to South Carolina.

Of course the child told his mother what the kid had told him.  In disbelief, the anonymous woman called the 8 yr. old over to question him.

The woman stated:

“I looked over at him and said, ‘Hey, is your mom home? I need to talk to her.’ He got very hesitant and I said again, ‘I need to talk to your mother. Is she home?’  He hesitated again and he said ‘No’.”

According to the lady, the 8 yr. old stated that his mother wasn’t to return from SC until Monday.

“I said, ‘Monday?’ and I said, ‘Who is staying with you?’ He said, ‘Nobody, I’m home alone.’ And then I said, ‘You’re home by yourself?’ He said, ‘Yes, my mom said I was old enough because I took Taekwondo’.”

Get this though, the mother being the genius that she is, had left the child with pre-made corned beef hash and pizza; along with a cell phone to call and check in with her every hour.  The mother, according to the child, had threatened to spank him until he couldn’t sit down if he told anyone.

By 5 pm on Saturday, the anonymous woman had called the cops.  Police were at Moret’s home near the 100 block of Windsor Court for more than six hours Saturday night.  The anonymous woman questions just how many other times the child has been home alone when she didn’t see any car in the yard.

Moret bonded out of the Western Tidewater Regional Jail on Saturday.  Her 8 yr. old son remains in Child Protective Services custody.



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