MUST SEE! Dame Dash Interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’


Dame Dash_3

I wanted to scream while watching this interview.  It was the kind of interview that most people need to see in order to inspire to get on the right track financially.  It went from a brief shouting match between DJ Envy and Dame Dash to Dash schooling business minded people to “think like a boss.”

One may have thought that Dame was trying to call DJ Envy out but in all actuality the dude was bringing knowledge about being your own boss.  How can one be mad at the end results of the interview at the end of the day.  Dame Dash at times during the interview may seemed cocky and arrogant but if you listen closely you may take some positive things away from it as well.

Dame Dash_4

Dash did mention that he wanted to work with Spike Lee because he has a movie that he’s working on. For some reason or another, he mentioned Spike Lee didn’t want to work with him because he had heard that he was arrogant.  So from there Dame went on to say that we should stick together and help each other out.

Check out the interview for yourself and leave a comment and let us know what you think!!

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