New Video:: J. Cole Releases Controversial ‘Crooked Smile’ Video (WATCH)


J. Cole_Crooked Smile_1

“Reconsider your war on drugs” is the inspirational but controversial message behind J. Cole’s new video ‘Crooked Smile’ feat. TLC.  ‘Crooked Smile’ is a popular single off of J. Cole’s sophomore album ‘Born Sinner’ which is doing really well right now.

In this video a father, who is played by J. Cole, is portrayed as a drug dealer.  When authorities come to raid his home the daughter is accidentally killed by cops in what seems to be an invasion gone wrong.

The video brings out a lot of emotions on alleged drug dealers and this country’s war on drugs. And actually based on a true story, the video tries to shed some light on the controversial killing of a 7 yr. old Detroit, Michigan girl.

It’s about a kid, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was shot and killed May 16, 2010 during a raid by the Detroit Police Department’s Special Response Team, which led to a federal investigation of the incident.

There is a very deep message behind the entire song if you listen to the words carefully.

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