NEW VIDEO: Jennifer Hudson ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ Feat. T.I.


Jennifer Hudson_I can't describe_2

You go girl!  Jennifer Hudson has lost over probably 80 pounds or more on her Weight Watchers diet.  Her latest video ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ feat. rapper T.I. gives a first hand look at how amazing her new physique really is.

Jennifer Hudson_I can't describe_3

This is a new Jennifer Hudson, dancing around in her bra tops and leotards showing more skin than she ever has before. Can’t say we blame her either; when you have worked hard to shed weight why not show it off?!Jennifer Hudson_I can't describe_1

T.I. is suited up and looking quite dapper himself; cleans up pretty well we might add.  The Atlanta rapper laced the track to give it a whole different feel from the original version.  Of course this track has that old school disco vibe going on too.  Definitely a feel good kind of dance track.

Check out the new video below:


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