NEW VIDEO – Ryan Leslie ‘Never Break Down’ In-Studio Video


You have to really appreciate good music to be a Ryan Leslie fan!

The guy is a genius! Seriously, he is a very smart guy; graduated from Harvard.  We’re not sure what category we would put his music in because it’s different.  His sound is like nothing that’s out right now.

Ryan Leslie_4

Ryan Leslie’s whole approach to the business and marketing his music is different.  He’s not signed to an major label.  After leaving major label Universal Motown Republic Records, he formed his own label called ‘Disruptive Multimedia’.

Ryan Leslie_3

A lot of the times Ryan’s videos are more in-studio with him showing off his musical abilities by playing multiple instruments.  This current video is of him putting together the song ‘Never Break Down’, is live in the studio. Also, he has a contest that he has put together where one lucky fan will win a chance to make beats with him in the studio.

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