OH WOW! Angie Stone Arrested on a Domestic Aggravated Assault Charge


Angie Stone_arrested_2

Oh WOW Angie!

According to WSBTV Channel 2 News in Atlanta and Dekalb County Public Information Officer Stephen Fore, R&B singer Angie Stone was arrested on Monday and charged with domestic aggravated assault.  The charge stemmed from a fight with her 30 yr. old daughter where Stone is said to have struck her daughter with a metal stand in the face knocking her two front teeth completely out. Yes, you heard that correctly!

According to the report, after Angie realized she had hit her daughter in the face she put the object down and started to run.  While running away from the scene, the daughter preceded to chase Angie.  It’s said that a third person that was in the house broke up the fight.

Wow, just Wow!

There hasn’t been anymore information released other than that.  We will keep you all updated…


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