(PHOTO) A Crazed Fan Breaks Into Chris Brown’s House…You Won’t Believe What She Did!

Chris Brown_House BreakIn_2

Whoa…I bet Chris Brown didn’t believe he was loved like that since he gets so much backlash all the time!

According to pop star Chris Brown, a crazy fan broke into his house and helped herself to all of his personal belongings.  She gained entrance into the house by breaking the hinges off the doors.  The chick even cooked several meals, but wait…not before leaving her mark of terror by writing “I Love You” all over the house walls.

Chris Brown_House BreakIn

Chris says the woman threw out his daughter’s clothes.  But catch this, she decides to get even more artistic by painting her name on the singer’s cars.

Can you say she destroyed a lot of personal property?! Who’s going to pay for all this?

Talk about some crazy, freaky ish!

Check out the Instagram post below:

Chris Brown_House BreakIn_1

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