(PHOTOS) Girls/Guys Are Disfiguring Their Lips for the ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’

Another day another stupid challenge!

Now we actually thought this was a joke until pictures and videos started popping up on social media.  Girls and guys are really messing up their lips for this ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’.  And we might add, Kylie Jenner lips looks nothing like the videos or photos that we have seen.  This video/photo crave was started by kids, we guess, searching for attention on social media.

Kylie Challenge_4

Photo Credit: Instagram

It seems as though people will do anything these days to fit in or to get social media likes/views.  When do people stop being followers and attempt to be leaders?

Kylie Challenge_5

Photo Credit: Instagram

Last week Kylie Jenner was fighting off rumors that she had plastic surgery to make her lips fuller.  Now this week people are celebrating the rumor with the Kylie Jenner Challenge.  Kylie must be floored that you all are making her ever more famous with this silly challenge.  The Kardashian clan strikes it big again!

Kylie Challenge_3

Not only has this Kylie Jenner Challenge taken off with the kids but someone has also gone as far as to create an Instagram page for people to share their videos.  What a mess!

We do not condone this challenge because not only will your lips not look like Kylie Jenner but it could injure your lips in the process.

Not sure if this is an actual injury below or not but this photo looks close enough to what we feel like could happen if these kids don’t stop this stupid challenge.

Warning (Graphic):

Kylie Challenge_6Don’t try this at home folks unless you want a fat lip (literally).


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