(PHOTOS) Jaden Smith Goes To Prom Dressed as a Superhero…

When all else fails just go to prom dressed as a superhero!

Jaden Smith_Prom_4

That’s exactly what 16 yr. old Jaden Smith (son of Will & Jada Smith) did for his 2015 Prom.  He was dressed in some sort of white get-up with tights, a suit coat and cape to match.

Jaden Smith_Prom_7


Not sure what superhero he was going for but it sure got social media buzzing.  This must be another way of him expressing his free spirit.

Jaden Smith_Prom_1

Smith’s date, by the photos, looked as if she was all for the entire wardrobe.  On the other hand, she wore a normal beautiful matching white gown.  We guess she didn’t get the memo that she was to dress accordingly.

Jaden Smith_Prom_3

This was different for prom but we’re assuming he was feeling some type of way.  Nevertheless, it was definitely different but looks like he and his friends had fun.

Jaden Smith_Prom_5

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