PHOTOS- Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner In “Sexy” Vogue Magazine Photos!!

Well, you think Justin Bieber has had enough of the running around and getting in trouble with the law (just being a kid)??

In a recent “sexy” photo spread with Kendall Jenner for Vogue Magazine the pop singer states:

“Maybe I’ve had too much time on my hands, now I’m ready to get back on my grind.”

Well, it’s about damn time Bieber, you were loosing your fans with the foolery for sure!

Justin Bieber_Kendall J_4

The Vogue spread shows the two laying poolside in “sexy” gear.  Bieber is in a jean button down Doir Homme shirt with his tattooed chest displayed in some Saint Laurent jeans with the legs rolled up.  Jenner on the other hand has on this “sexy” white ruffed Michael Kors bikini.

These two, along with young celebrity’s Gigi Hadi and Ansel Egort, are referred to as a part of “Hollywood’s New Brat Pack” by Vogue.  Wait!…they are leaving some folks out?!  Anyway, the photo shoot was done by famed photographer Mario Testino.

Kris Jenner posted this photo below to her Instagram:

Justin Bieber_Kendall J_6

Justin Bieber posted this near naked photo for his lady fans:

Justin Bieber_Kendall J_5

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