[PICS] CONFIRMED BABY BUMP! Lil Kim is Pregnant…

Lil Kim_pregnant_2

Yes you heard right, rapper Lil Kim is pregnant! Never thought we would say that. Never seen this one coming.

The 39 yr. old showed up at NYFW The Blondes show with an obvious baby bump. And she looks very pregnant too. It was also said that Queen Bee was set to perform at the show as well; big belly and all.

Lil Kim_pregnant_3

Now the internet is buzzing with folks scrambling trying to find out who’s the baby daddy?!?  According to reports the rapper is supposedly 6 months pregnant.

Lil Kim_pregnant_1

Hmmm…Interesting to say the least!!  No official statement from Lil Kim as of right now, but who needs a statement when proof is in the pudding.


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