[PICS] See What Interesting Gifts Nicki Minaj Got For Her 31st Birthday??!!


Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_1

It’s not everyday that a real live Barbie turns 31 yrs. old…Right?! This year Nicki Minaj spent her 31st with friends at a private dinner at Mr. Chows.  The rapper also ended up getting some quite interesting gifts to brag about.  She was surrounded by beautiful flowers, cakes, gifts and friends….the girl went out with a bang! Check out the pics below:

Spotted: Kylie Jenner & Lil Twist below:

Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_2

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake…

Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_3

Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_4

Ah Hah!! A stripper pole as a gift…

Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_5

Another one of Nicki’s gifts…her very own Hebru Brantley statue…Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_6

Friends were there to help Nicki soak up all the fun!!Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_8Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_7Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_10Nicki Minaj_31st Bday_9

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