[PICS] The Carters Celebrate Blue Ivy’s Birthday 2 yr. old Style with Dora the Explorer, Face Paintings & Tiaras


Blue Ivy Bday_4

Blue Ivy has to be the luckiest 2 yr. old alive!

She celebrated turning 2 with Dora the Explorer and she has two famous parents (Beyoncé & Jay Z) who would probably go to the moon and back for their only baby girl.  We are sure that’s why the couple rented out the entire Jungle Island in Miami for their Princess Blue Ivy’s birthday.

Blue Ivy Bday_3

On Tuesday, pics surfaced of Baby Blue Ivy enjoying her birthday party with Dora the Explorer, fancy face paintings and rolling around on her big girl Minnie Mouse toy.  Can’t forget the birthday cake, it was sweet and simple yet beautiful as well!

Blue Ivy Bday_2Blue Ivy Bday_8

Beyoncé and friends (Kelly, Michelle & Angie Beyince) where no party poppers either, they all joined in and sported face paintings while Jay Z and Blue wore matching Air Jordans.

Blue Ivy Bday_7

Blue Ivy Bday_6

From this end it looks like The Carters and Blue Ivy made memories to last until she gets older and wants an even bigger party! (that happens you know…)

More party pics:

Blue Ivy Bday_5

Blue Ivy Bday_1

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