REALITY TV! Kandi and Todd Tucker Snags a New Reality Spin-Off Show



Are you ready for the Tuckers?

Looks like Kandi and Todd Tucker have snagged a new reality show based around their new marriage and family.  Kandi Burruss is an grammy award winning singer/songwriter, owner of Bedroom Kandi and owns several T.A.G.S. boutiques who is from Atlanta.  Todd Tucker is a TV producer from California.  They came together and got married during the Atlanta Housewives show.  And from there we watched their family drama unfold on RHOA.  Now the two have talked their way up on a new spinoff show called ‘Meet The Tuckers’?

Kandi_Todd_show_5The spinoff show will air on Bravo as well.  And on recent RHOA episodes, we saw the show evolve around Kandi having to tackle being a new step mom and having to adjust to Todd being away producing his new show in Los Angeles.  Not to forget that Kandi has a 13 yr. old daughter, Riley Burruss, who has to adjust to the changes as well.  There will probably be a lot more crying going on this spin off show too (Kandi).

Kandi_Todd_show_6Either way, can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  If Kandi’s mom Joyce Burruss has any parts of the show, you can guarantee this will be pure drama at it’s finest.


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