Rewind: Chris Brown Ordered 90 Days in Rehab…Reportedly Got Kicked Out Beforehand…

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Sometimes you just have to wonder what is really going on inside that head of pop singer Chris Brown.  He is just having a rough time lately.  Everything is going down hill, especially after the fight he had in D.C. that lead to his arrest.

Reports are out this morning that the judge has ordered Chris to do a mandatory 90 days in anger management rehab.  This time he must stay, submit to random drug testing and take any prescription pills recommended.

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We are learning also that the 24 yr. old last rehab trip was cut short due to an altercation that stemmed from a crazy blow up he had with his mother.  According to court reports Chris’ mom Joyce came to visit for a family session in the Malibu rehab center but after trying to convince him to stay longer he pitched a fit. Therefore, going into a rage and throwing a rock through his mom’s car window, shattering the window.

This leaves us to ask the question…What has happened to Chris Brown?  This madness has to stop at some point!!

No statement has been made from Chris’ people as of yet.  Stay tuned!!

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