Robin Thicke Files Lawsuit Against Marvin Gaye’s Family

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This is shocking and disturbing all in one. Robin Thicke decided to sue Marvin Gaye’s family to protect the rights of his hit “Blurred Lines”. Gaye’s family is saying that there is a familiarity between ‘Blurred Lines’ and Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’.

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Now listen, I sat down and critically listened to the two songs. The eventful beat of ‘Blurred Lines’ does sound the same but not exactly. Gaye’s beat is softer and also has one or two bars that is not apart of Thicke’s song. Thicke along with T.I. and Pharrell Williams filed the lawsuit against Marvin Gaye’s family and Bridgeport Music.

Sounds are sounds, no one can make the same beat again by hand unless they copied and pasted it into their recording program. In someway shape or form, all sounds are different. Similar instrumentals are used, re-used, sold, and re-sold all of time so why should this matter? Saving his song was correct on his and his co-artists behalf but I do not think it should have been taken this far.

Catch the video for ‘Blurred Lines’ below:

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