Rumor Control: Fantasia Denies being Suicidal over Cheating Ex…“He and I are not Together”



A few days ago a rumor was buzzin that Fantasia Barrino was suicidal AGAIN after cheating Ex boyfriend Antwaun Cook broke it off with her to get back with his estranged wife, Paula.  Barrino and Cook share a love child together (2 yr. old baby boy) that they have joint custody of and then Cook has two boys by his wife.


In an attempt to do a rumor control Fantasia took to her Instagram page on Thursday to post a pic of the rumors that were circulating around the web.


Of course the singer was not happy at all, telling critics to stop trying to make her dead.  Here’s what she said and we quote:

“Lol!!! Who keeps this stuff Going?? It’s becoming a Lil questionable…lord lord lord. It’s almost been a Year and this is still going on. Lol!! He and I are not together.  I’m not going anywhere so stop trying to make me Dead.. Lmao!!! I’m just getting started.”

We hope that Fantasia isn’t falling for the banana in the tail pipe again AND hopefully it was all just a rumor!!

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