Say What Now! 5 Reasons Young Money Dominated in 2013…


Young Money_1In 2003 there was a vision to create a team of successful artists not only as individuals but also as a label entirely.  The vision was ‘YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINMENT’ also known as ‘Young Mula’; spearheaded by the head honcho himself Lil Wayne.  Throughout the 2000s era these artists were growing rapidly, but no comparison to the domination these artists put forth this year.  Young Money artists did not only add to the list of accomplishments under their belts, they simply took over.  Here’s our 5 Reasons Young Money Dominated in 2013:

1: DRAKE ‘Nothing was the Same’

Young Money_Drake_1Drake’s Nothing Was the Same’ Full-Studio Album was released September 19 of this year and has made the year a complete success for the rapper.  Thanks to his tracks “Tuscan Leather”. “Wu-Tang Forever”, “The Language”, and “Worst Behavior” he has reached platinum easily.  Some refer to this album as the biggest rap release of the year!  Vibe Magazine says the album took hip-hop on a stretch that it hasn’t seen since Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak’.  For over a month the album held the No. 1 spot on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and for nearly two months it was in the top five of the Billboard 200.  It sold 658,000 in its first week.  Beating Jay-Z’s album Magna Carta Holy Grail’, it only took him six weeks instead of twelve to sell one million copies!  His single “Started from the Bottom” sold over 2 million copies! Need we continue?  Drake has clearly set the bar high for the year for his entire team as well as other artists in the game. 

2: Nicki Minaj makes Top 10 on Forbes “Highest Paid” Women List

Young Money_Nicki MinajIt didn’t take long for Female Rap Star, Nicki Minaj, to make Forbes list of “Highest Paid Women”.

In 2013 alone, Nicki made $29 Million granting her the No. 10 highest paid woman.

She made $6 million outside her music career with her role in American Idol.

Leaving us to ask the question…Who can keep up with Nicki Minaj?  There is no other female rapper who has even come close to matching Nicki’s success.

The big question now is will 2014 bring her some new competition or will Nicki Minaj still hold the Crown to the Female Rap Game?

3: Drake won 3 BET AWARDS in 2013

Young Money_Drake_2Drake was nominated for thirteen BET Awards and was able to win five of those this year.

1.  Best Hip-Hop Video

“Started from the Bottom”

  1. 2.  Best Collab/Reese’s Perfect Combo Award                  A$AP Rocky Feat. Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and 2 Chainz – “Problems”
  2. 3.  Best Club Banger
  3. French Montana feat. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne – “Pop That”
  4.                            4.  Peoples Champ Award
  5. Drake – “Started From The Bottom”
  6. 5.  Track Of The Year
  7. “Started From The Bottom”

4: Lil Wayne ‘I Am not a Human Being II’ reaches Gold Certification

Young Money_Lil Wayne

Hip-hop monster Lil Wayne, the face of ‘Young Money’ does it again.  His album I Am Not A Human Being II’ released March 2013 reached Gold certification selling a total of 529,000 copies.  The album served as a sequel to the first I Am Not A Human Being’.  He released singles like “Love Me”, “Rich As F*ck”, “No Worries”, and “My Homies Still”.  Lil Wayne may not sell as much as he used to, but he will always be known as a rap legend.  He never fails to turn a crowd out, it is said that he is one of the most anticipated performers to see live.  As head of Young Money, Wayne doesn’t really have to do much because his team speaks for themselves.

5: Drake Becomes the Newest Member of #TeamJordans

Officially as of December 4, 2013 Drake is the newest member to the Nike Jordan team.

Young Money_Drake_3

Drake’s new shoe line OVO will be released with Jordans, he announced:

“Growing up, I’m sure we all idolized this guy—he goes by the name of Michael Jordan. … So today I came to Portland, and I officially became inducted into the Team Jordan family…I feel like I’m at home right now.”

Young Money_Drake_4

This is just the beginning of success added to the Young Money Team.  Anything Jordan turns out to be a success.  The combination of Drake and Jordan is a collaboration that many looked forward to.

Love It or Hate It, Young Money Entertainment continues to do big things in the Entertainment, Fashion, Film, and Music industries.  There is no doubt 2013 was a great year for them.  They provide healthy competition to the game and continue to build their brand step-by-step.  What’s next for the Young Money Team?

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