SHOTS FIRED! Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Hit by Gunshots in Atlanta…


Lil Wayne_hoax_2

There’s conflicting stories as to what really happened to Lil Wayne’s tour bus being shot up early Sunday morning!  Nonetheless, we do know that there were indeed shots fired at the rapper’s tour bus(es).

Lil Wayne Bus Shot_1

Police are saying that gunshots were fired at rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus on I 285 near I75 in Atlanta.  The incident happened early Sunday morning after Wayne had performed at Compound Nightclub in Atlanta.

Police were called to the scene around 3:25 AM where they say they found two tour buses that had been shot multiple times.

Lil Wayne Bus Shot_3

According to Cobb County police, 12 people were aboard the tour bus but none of them were hurt.  No word on who did the shootings other than witnesses saying the shots came from two white vehicles (maybe a Corvette and a SUV).

So far no suspects have been arresting in connection with the shooting.  We’ll keep you all updated on this one!

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