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In the latest Issue of Rolling Out Magazine, Atlanta’s own OMG Girlz graces the cover looking all grown up and gorgeous.  The talented girl group put together by Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris talks everything from dating, college plans, and sisterhood to celebrity crushes.

Here’s a little excerpt from what the Girlz had to say in the interview:

Do you all have college plans in your future?

Star: We all would like to go to college. Me and Beauty [would] like to go to UCLA and Baby Doll would like to go to NYU, but we’d probably do that online.
Baby Doll: We would love to do that and do the entertainment business at the same time.
Star, I know your father, T.I., hates the idea but you’re clearly old enough to date. Are you or any of the other girls dating right now?
Star: No, we’re just chilling and working. That’s the ultimate goal here, to make it. Boys come later.

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So later on when you do have downtime from your music, what are some ways a guy could get your attention?
Star: For me it’s personality thing. You’ve gotta be funny, gotta be able to make me laugh and just [be] chill. I like somebody who’s real laid-back, not somebody who’s loud or out there, because I don’t like that.
Baby Doll: A guy that has my attention is one who has his spirit together, I need him to put God first in his life and know who God is. Going along with that I want him to have his life together and be smart and have something going on with him, not just waiting on me to pay the bills.
Star: Yes, lord!
Beauty: For me a guy that makes me laugh and knows he’s fly.

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Do you ladies have any celebrity crushes?
Beauty: I have three. I like Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Tyga.
Baby Doll: As a group we love Big Sean, Star and I share Chris Brown and I think Wiz Khalifa’s kind of cute. And more importantly I love Channing Tatum, I love to dance so maybe we could do a Step Up [movie] together. [Laughs.]
Star: I like Chris Brown, Big Sean and Shia LeBeouf. [Also] John Mayer and Nick Jonas. I’m going to say that one more time; and Nick Jonas.

In the past we’ve seen numerous girl groups split up, how do you plan to keep the bond strong between the OMG Girlz?
Baby Doll: Keeping God first.
Beauty: Yes! That’s really what it is. We definitely pray together and we communicate. If there’s an issue and we get into a little argument, we sit and talk about it. And once we work it out, it’s done with, we just forgive and forget. I think that’s very important.
Baby Doll: Also it’s just learning each other as well. If you know that person doesn’t like this, then we watch out for this. We respect each other.
Star: And we always keep in mind that we were sisters before we were a group.

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