The Struggle: Ciara Sells New Album On Groupon



Is Groupon the “New” way for artist to sell their music?!  Apparently so…just ask Ciara’s camp.  I can say I am a little shocked by this since Groupon is an alternative way for people to get their product out there at a lower than normal cost to boost sales.

In this Groupon deal you get a 2-CD combo, Ciara’s new self-titled album and a collection of her greatest hits and collaborations…Wow!!

So does this mean her new album that came out a few weeks ago is in trouble with sales?!  The album did sell over 60K copies the first week of sales though, which is not bad since album sales are not the same anymore thanks to the economy.

Somehow the single “Body Party” had me hyped and believing the album would pop.  I guess this just isn’t a good look when Jay-Z just partnered with Samsung and sold a million copies of his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” before it even hit the stores.  Then again it’s hard to compare Ciara to a legend like Jay-Z.

I will give her a go pass though since she is in come back mode (side-eye).  Don’t know if I can be mad at this though, since times are hard.  Let’s just see if Groupon is the new phenomenon…  he he!!

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