Timberland Gives a Glimpse into Keri Hilson New Song?!

Keri Hilson_Timbaland_4

Sooo it’s only been about 5 yrs. since R&B singer Keri Hilson put out an album (No Boys Allowed). Since then she has been, from the looks of things, chilling with her boo Serge Ibaka.  Well, we haven’t seen the two of them much lately.

But moving right along…on Saturday, super producer Timberland took to his Instagram page to give Keri Hilson’s fans a snippet of what they have been working on.  Assuming from this lil tease that Keri is definitely in the studio working on her third studio album.  I’m sure we can expect to hear Polow Da Don production on this album as well.

Let us know what you all think about the tease from Timbaland and Miss Keri babe!!


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