VERDICTS IN! Memphitz Loses Defamation Suit Filed Against K. Michelle




Well if this ain’t about a bleep!

Former Arista Records A&R Mickey ‘Memphitz’ Wright filed a defamation suit back in 2012 against the producers of the show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle, whose real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, starred on the show.  Mind you, Memphiz is the husband of Toya Wright who is also the mother of  Lil Wayne’s daughter.


Moving right along!

On the show LHHA, R&B singer K. Michelle had accused Memphitz of physical abuse and embezzlement.  K. Michelle mentioned many of times about how her ex would beat her and none of the ladies on the show acted as if they believed her.  Going back to one of the episodes, ‘K’ even cried profoundly to one of the ladies on LHHA about her abuse.  Then at another time on the show she went to speak to young women about domestic violence.

That season of LHHA was based heavily around K. Michelle and her claims of domestic violence at the hands of her ex boyfriend.  Of course she never mentioned her ex Memphitz’s name on the show but the streets were talking and saying that it was him.

In an last ditch effort to save his reputation and his marriage, Wright took the producers of LHHA (Mona Scott-Young), VH1 and K. Michelle to court;  suing for 15 million in compensation damages, plus 50 million in punitive damages.  To win the case though, he had to prove that K. Michelle’s claims were not true; prove that he was a private figure and not a public figure (major side eye); and prove that producers knowingly ran with a fake story about him.  He also had to prove that the claims were “injurious to his reputation and was published with a degree of fault at least amounting to negligence.”

A Fulton County judged favored with the defendants in this case, therefore deeming Wright as a public figure; and acknowledging that the production company “exercised due diligence concerning defendant Pate’s domestic violence claims,”

There you have it, case closed!


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