(VIDEO) Miley Cyrus…“I Made History” at the VMA’s & Compares Herself to Madonna & Britney Spears


Miley Cyrus_2013 VMA_4

It’s only been a little over a week since Miley Cyrus alongside Robin Thicke gave us a Twerk show to remember at the 2013 VMA’s.  After much controversy about the show, she now decides to open up and give her explanation of the performance.

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Critics for about a week now have bashed the ex-Disney ‘Hannah Montana’ star calling her trashy.  But the 20 yr. old seems to think otherwise and called the performance “Making History.”  She stated she and Robin Thicke both said “You know we are about to make history right now.”

Miley Cyrus_2013 VMA_1

Miley says every pop star that has performed at the VMA’s past shows has done it (made history) using Madonna and Britney Spears as examples.  Her conclusion is “You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it, like I didn’t even think about it because that’s just me.”

Watch what Miley Cyrus had to say in the video below:

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