[VIDEO] Tina Knowles Pops Off on Paparazzi for Taking Pics of Blue Ivy?

Tina Knowles_paps_2

The paparazzi should know by now when it comes down to her kids or grandkids Tina Knowles can be very territorial.  Momma don’t play that!  Yesterday while out grabbing dinner with Beyonce’ and Blue Ivy in Santa Monica, it’s reported that a photographer tried to photograph baby girl eating her food.

Of course you know Tina wasn’t haven’t it so she politely stepped outside and asked the photographer not to take pictures of the child.  It only took Mrs. Knowles about a minute to get him straight, “Have a little class”, is a snippet of what she told the paps.

Watch how the whole thing went down!

We know the paparazzi was wrong but what would you have done?


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