(WATCH) Kanye West Goes Into a Full Rant at Pusha T’s Listening Party


Kanye West_Pusha T Listening Party_1

Well sometimes we have to wonder what is going on inside Kanye West’s head but this time we’ll just assume he’s just passionate about G.O.O.D. Music  artist Pusher T.  Last night in New York, rapper ‘Pusha T’ had a private listening party sharing songs off of his upcoming album ‘My Name Is My Name.’ 

A “loose off that Goose” Kanye West stands before a crowd of people screaming in the microphone to the top of his voice.  Kanye goes on and on to the crowd about why he supports Pusha T shouting “This is Pusha T, this n@gga the heart of the mutha fu@king culture. I don’t give a fu@k about none of these corporations, none of these fu@king sellouts…We make good music.”

Kanye West_Pusha T Listening Party_2

It was almost like he was giving a hallelujah can I get an Amen from the crowd speech. This tirade goes on for at least 3 minutes before he says “I’m done.”  Of course he warns the crowd that it could have just been him being loose off that Goose.

Check out the video below:

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