(Watch) Michelle Williams Releases New Video ‘If We Had Your Eyes’


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We all know Michelle Williams as part of the trio Destiny’s Child.  But now the R&B/Christian singer is trying to strike out on her own again and do her own thing.  On yesterday she released a video ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ that has a very positive meaning behind it.

The video shows a homeless guy sitting on the streets asking for spare change at the light and young woman who cuts her wrist in what looks like a suicide attempt.  Then it boasts about seeing things through “The Lord’s Eyes”… “If We Had Your Eyes We Could See Things Right.”

Michelle Williams_If We Had Eyes_2

The message behind the video is very emotional, very powerful and very optimistic all at the same time.  The hook from the song goes like this:

People judge from what they see

But Lord you see the whole world

If we had your eyes (If we had your eyes)

We’d see things right

If we had your eyes (If we had your eyes)

Catch the video below:

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