[WATCH] New Edition N.E. Heartbreak – The Movement (Trailer)


New Edition Trailer_1

An independent film maker from Atlanta GA is making power moves by putting together a short trailer about boy band New Edition.  And from the excerpts of the trailer, N.E. Heartbreak-The Movement could be a winner.  It’s only a 3 min. trailer but by the looks of it, it was enough to reel New Edition fans right on in.

New Edition Trailer_2Bobby Huntley, the producer of the trailer,  says he is a huge New Edition fan and has always wanted to bring the New Edition story to life. The Atlanta native made the trailer with hopes that NE will catch wind of it and allow him and his team a chance to bring the story to life.

New Edition if you are watching this, contact the brother…we think he is on to something big.

It looks like a WINNER…What do you all think?

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