WATCH! Rapper Plies Gets Body Slammed by Random Guy at a Nightclub



Wait…can we just scold rapper Plies for a quick second and then move on. One, “Never allow a fan/foe the opportunity to get close to you on stage.” And two, “That guy could have had anything in his hand, why was security just standing there watching the situation escalate?”

Ok now moving on to the real deal…

Rapper Plies is becoming very popular these days with his Instagram daily rants/videos. The 38 yr. old rapper is out making rounds on his ‘Find You’ tour.  You know with popularity comes hate or haters. We just couldn’t phantom what we watched unfold before our very eyes in a video captured by party goers at a nightclub.  Anyone could see that a fight was about to take flight.

A crowd of fans at Club Coliseum nightclub in Tallahassee watched in awe as a random guy came up on stage, directly face to face with rapper Plies. From there, from what we could see, the guy then quickly grabs Plies and slams him into a crowd of people. Unbelievable!


This could have really gotten a lot of innocent people hurt.  The club, as you can see in the photo, is beyond packed.  By no means is Plies a Beyonce’ but this should have never happened (at all). Shame on you security!


Watch also at the of end this video, as what looked liked, a bruised and beaten guy gives his side as to what happened at the nightclub!! SMH…

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