[WATCH] Tyrese Releases ‘Dumb Sh*t’ Video Feat. Snoop Dogg…


TyreseBlack-Ty or whatever he calls himself these days is back with a new video feat. Snoop Dogg. It’s been about 2 yrs. since Tyrese’s last album ‘Black Rose’ was released independently.

Now Tyrese is riding this independent thing out again with his label Viltron Recordz and releasing “Dumb Shit” on Vimeo. The video was also released under his independent film and production company ‘Viltron Filmz’.


According to Tyrese, this will be his last solo album. Recently, the R&B artist hooked up with Tank & Ginuwine to form the group TGT’. We guess he will continue to work with the group after this solo project but will no longer do any more solo projects?

Well, that’s what everybody says until their need to feel relevant again resurfaces.

His double album ‘Black Rose’ comes out July 7!


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