WHOA! Hacker Group Anonymous has a Message for Kanye West [WATCH]


Kanye West_Anonymous_7

Well, a good bit of people have been fed up with Kanye West and his rants lately. And now you can add the hacker group “Anonymous” to the list. Oh yes, the group is definitely coming for Kanye.   In a eery video recording the group has words for Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian as well.  Masked videos are something that the unknown group, who never shows their face, is known for.

In this video, the group tells Kanye:

“You’re like a spoiled child in a grown man’s body who is willing to set off a boiling temper tantrum at any moment if you don’t get all the things you want.”

Then they go on to say about Kim Kardashian:

I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up with raising a little boy for a husband, and I am sure your mother would have been so proud of your behavior.

Kanye West_Anonymous_5

You have to watch the entire video to hear more and get the full affect. They go all the way in on Kanye!

What’s your thoughts on this latest Anonymous video?


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