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WHOA! Viral Video Sensation Arrested!!

We know by now everyone have seen the green hair, green nails, flamboyant video sensation guy who was interviewed by a news station earlier in the week.  The video instantly went viral and millions watched as a guy described what he witnessed during a crash that involved a Jackson Mississippi police officer.

After the video aired the store owner of (Swell-O-Phonic) thought that the man looked familiar; like a suspect that was seen on his surveillance camera stealing from his store.

Later that Thursday afternoon after an interview with Allie Ware of 16 WAPT’s, Courtney Barnes (suspect’s real name) went to Ridgeland Police Department and turned himself in.  He was arrested and charged in connection with a shoplifting case.

When 16 WAPT Allie Ware contacted the store owner, Chane, for an interview,  he had this to say:

“We want to stay away from the negative attention.  Courtney has stolen from our store and made our customers and staff uncomfortable.  We just want him to stay out of our store. I hope the story gets turned back to the injured officer who deserves the attention.”

No further details has been released.

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